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Meet the B: Rethinc Real Estate

Describe your business

Rethinc Real Estate is a commercial real estate firm with a focus on brokerage and investments, and it is built on social entrepreneurship. Rethinc builds real estate with passionate people and, as a local company, has a stake in Philadelphia and a direct responsibility to improve the city through real estate. As commercial tenant representatives, we focus on serving nonprofits, mission-driven organizations and many local independent businesses. We also work with local owners of investment real estate in evaluating development, acquisition and disposition opportunities. We care most about our local community, uncompromising design and social impact.

What does being a certified B Corp mean to your business?

It is a testament to our collective values and a platform to engage with other similar thinkers.

Between now and your next certification, what is the most important business practice you plan on improving?

We, as a company, are currently working on a focused initiative and partnership to positively impact local communities, parks and city residents drawing on our craft and resources. We are incredibly excited about rolling it out in 2021 and really integrating our professional passion into our impact goals.

What do you want other B Corps to know about the work your company is doing?

That we hope to inspire more financial and/or real estate companies to see the value of this community and that it is possible to be profitable while also prioritizing and paying attention to the greater good.

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