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Meet the B: BlueStar Marketing

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Describe your business

BlueStar Marketing is a family-owned and operated promotional marketing company specializing in eco-friendly promotional products and campaigns.

What does being a certified B Corp mean to your business?

Becoming a certified B Corp allows us to connect and grow with thousands of other like-minded companies who are looking beyond profits and more towards purpose.

Between now and your next certification, what is the most important business practice you plan on improving?

Before our next certification we are going to work within the promotional marketing industry to encourage more companies to adopt some of the core values of B Corps. We are also looking at our supply chain to better understand how we can inspire change. Our industry has historically lacked transparency. We are looking to be leaders in that transition.

What do you want other B Corps to know about the work your company is doing?

We want other B Corps to know that better. by BlueStar is committed to learning and educating each and every day. That we are always eager to connect with other B Corps, whether it is business related or otherwise!

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