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BCorp Climate Collective Update

Making our way toward a carbon-free future is top of mind as we head toward Earth Day. In support of its Net Zero by 2030 initiative, B Lab has announced some tools and webinars to help our companies get started. We hope you'll join us to take these steps to mitigate climate change!

  • Net Zero Workshop presented by Nexio Projects and The Climate Neutral Group, March 18 at 11AM ET/ 8AM PT. Join us for a workshop focused around what it takes to develop a plan to achieve Net Zero by 2030, including how to incorporate footprinting, reductions, offsetting and the B Corp Certification into your climate action plans. Register.

  • [BCCC WEBINAR] Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Baselining 101: Demystifying Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions Measurement April 7 at 1PM ET / 10AM PT. Join members of the U.S. & Canada B Corp Climate Collective (BCCC) Climate Action Group for a free interactive webinar that will offer step-by-step guidance on how to measure your GHG footprint. We’ll also discuss how and why companies should center their climate action in Climate Justice, and how this work intersects with efforts toward Net Zero. Register

  • For help estimating and reducing your emissions, they offer this Climate Action Guide for B Corps. Please share your emissions management challenges and barriers via their short survey.

  • The B Climate Tools Base is a free, open source, filterable, downloadable, curated library of tools to help businesses take climate action, including achieving Net Zero and centering climate justice! It includes toolkits, guides, case studies, webinars, reports, and more.

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