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B Corps Launching Collective Action Strategies

B Corps in the Greater Philadelphia Region are committed to working together to address some of the biggest challenges faced by society today. We realize that our actions as individuals and companies are essential to address these challenges and that, by working together, we can multiply our individual and corporate impact. In 2019, B Lab and the global B Corp community defined four areas of critical importance for collective action.

In Philadelphia, our B Corps are committed to working together and taking action locally in each area to support our community. Over the next few months we will be working together to define our local goals in four areas:

  • We the Change: Empowering women to be leaders in this new economy

  • The Dismantle Collective: Breaking down institutional and cultural white supremacy

  • The B Corp Climate Collective: Taking concrete actions to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change

  • B Academics: Educating students and researching to support the B Corp movement – using business as a force for good

We look forward to working together to define concrete goals for action in the Philadelphia region and invite all B Corps and other businesses interested in learning more to reach out, get involved, and take action with us. Only by working together as a community building bridges across the wider business community can we hope to make meaningful progress on the all too real challenges faced by our businesses, community, and society today.


To learn more about the Collective Active initiatives being led by the global B Corp community, please click here.

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